Donating Sales to Babies Need Boxes

Did you read that article "Why Finnish Babies Sleep in Boxes?" that was circulating on Facebook a few months back? I did, and it inspired me. But I wasn't sure how to start something like that in my hometown. Then, my friend posted a video about someone who had started the Finnish baby boxes the United States... in my HOME state! I was ecstatic. Someone was making the dream come alive.

I started researching on their website and was pleased with what I saw. Their mission "to equip new Moms with the tools needed for a successful transition into motherhood" aligned with my goals to help out those in need.

I reached out to Danielle (founder of Babies Need Boxes) and got a prompt reponse. And now... it is with great pleasure that I announce: I am officially a part of the the Babies Need Boxes organization!

My first task is to find 7 mothers in need in my hometown. From there, I need to raise enough funds to cover the cost of 7 boxes (approximately $800) by the end of December. If all goes well, we will host a baby shower in January and give these mothers-to-be their very own box filled with love and the necessities for a newborn.

In light of my joy at being part of this amazing organization, I have decided to donate ALL of my September TpT sales to Babies Need Boxes. Please help me support this incredible organization by visiting and learning more!