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Teaching in Middle School Rocks!

love love love being a middle school teacher! I spent 4 years working in a private school setting teaching a variety of subjects from English Language Arts and Spanish to Art. In 2013, I decided to try a new position as a full-time 8th grade English teacher in a nearby public school. My goal with this middle school blog is to post my adventures in teaching as well as fabulous ideas for decorating in middle school, because let's face it, middle school teachers tend to go for bare walls and a sort of "minimalistic" approach when it comes to classroom decor!

Oh yeah, and I'm actively working on becoming a graphic novels expert! The students love 'em and it's a great opportunity to combine Art with ELA. So here's to teachers everywhere! Let's share our ideas and have fun doing it. :)

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Classroom Series - Take a Peak at My 8th Grade Room!

In an effort to practice blogging more consistently and start including shorter blog articles (instead of always thinking I need to write essays for you all), I'm going to do a classroom series wherein I share a picture of one aspect of my classroom that I like or want to work on with a short snippet describing it. Are you ready?

Desk Materials

Raising Money for Babies Need Boxes - Duluth operation!

Visit Easy Fundraising Ideas

Donating Sales to Babies Need Boxes

Pencil Sharpener GIVEAWAY!

Contest has ended. Congrats to Melanie A!


After writing about the Classroom Friendly Supplies' amazing pencil sharpener in my review (CLICK here to read), they offered one up for a GIVEAWAY! *Round of applause*

Finding the Perfect Sharpener

I have long searched for a solid pencil sharpener that will work for middle school students. My experience has been that electric pencil sharpeners, while fast, tend to be loud and within about a year or two die. The school provided manual pencil sharpeners are useless about 2 months after they're installed and proceed to just eat all the pencils. That left me on a search for some kind of alternative.

Back-to-School: Classroom Procedures

It's kind of strange summer where it's mid-July but I'm in full "Back-to-School" mode already. I blame stores like Shopko and Wal-Mart for putting their Back-to-School supplies out early! In any event, while I'm in the spirit, I might as well do something useful, right?

Writing a Research Essay - Aligned to the Common Core!

This Writing a Research Essay walks students through the steps for writing a strong informational essay.

Reading Guide to The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis follows the story of a young girl trying to survive in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Poetry Templates - Helping Students Become Poets!

Are your students struggling to write poetry? Help your students become comfortable with writing their own poetry through these colorful Poetry Templates!

Templates include directions for the following types of poetry:


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