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Pinterest Idea for Getting Your Board Noticed!!!

Ok, I'm sure I saw this idea somewhere and just finally made the connection in my conscious brain, but here it is. On Pinterest, you can choose which item you want to be your cover. This picture essentially represents your board and is supposed to catch the eye of people glancing through and deciding what they like. My NEW idea is to post a cover that includes the title of my board and a link back to my Pinterest board so that as it gets repinned, people get directed back to me.

Redo your laminate bookcase and make it something you're actually proud of!

I searched high and low trying to find the best sources for doing a laminate bookcase makeover. I love DIY projects and couldn't resist the chance to fix up my ugly laminate bookcases in my classroom. I have five of them and they were showing signs of wear, desperately needing to be fixed up.

DIY Polka Dot Chair - Great summer project!!

Inspired by Pinterest and the HGTV / DIY channels, I decided to recreate my boring old desk chair into something I'd be excited to sit in! My chair was ok before, but I wanted something that reflected my personality. I searched around the local fabric stores for the perfect fabric. In the end, I found it at Walmart of all places. 

FREE Writing Lesson Plan - CCSS ELA Grades 4-6

Hello all! I want to share this FREE writing lesson plan for grades 4-6 to help teachers meet the CCSS ELA in their classrooms this coming school year. This lesson will be a great back-to-school writing tool to help teachers get to know their new and incoming students.

Student Created Graphic Novels! (Middle School)

Using technology in the classroom? Watch this video on Special Effects Basics!

Are you having your students make videos for a class project? Then you should definitely show them this TED-Ed on Animation Basics: Homemade Special Effects. Something as simple as how to have an object or person move across screen can go from boring to fun with a few simple tricks! Enjoy!

Curious about motivation? Here's what Dan Pink has to say on that topic!

As teachers, many of us "know" that intrinsic motivation outweighs extrinsic motivation in effectiveness. However, we often resort to extrinsic motivation techniques, such as good grades and candy for doing well or detention and failing grades for doing poorly, in our own classrooms. Dan Pink, a career analyst, explains in this video what science has determined over and over again: "Traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think." While his talk refers to the business model, it is definitely applicable to our classrooms. Enjoy!

Get Inspired with Ken Robinson: How to Escape Education's Death Valley

Ken Robinson reminds educators, administrators, and policy makers to encourage creativity in the classroom instead of trying to squash it with standardized testing and rote memorization. This video is well worth the 20 minutes it takes to watch!

Featured Graphic Novelist and Advice from a Pro on How to Make Your Own Graphic Novel

Faith Erin Hicks graduated from Sheridan College's Classical Animation program and is currently a full-time freelance cartoonist. I first became familiar with her work reading the online comic Demonology 101 (1999-2004). She later collaborated on such works as Brain Camp and Friends with Boys. Her style is unique and evident in all her work.

Action Research Project on Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom: Prequiz and Practice (Part 3)

Graphic Novel Action Research: Pre-Quiz
I spent weeks creating, editing, and revising the pre- and post-quiz. I had to double-check every question I came up with to ensure that the students could find the answer in the graphic novel and original text versions of the Poe short stories “William Wilson” and “The Cask of Amontillado.” It was a frustrating task at times, but I came up with 15 true/false questions and 20 multiple choice questions in all. With the quiz ready, it was time to get started!


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