Pinspiration #4: Corkboard Project!

Before school started, I requested the help of my dear friend Marisha for classroom decorating ideas. She is far better at pulling together a space, and graciously sent me the following pin (see Pinspiration photo, right). I loved the idea of a corkboard in my room! She graciously took me shopping to buy the materials and then set me to work assembling.


DIY Polka Dot Chair - Great summer project!!

Inspired by Pinterest and the HGTV / DIY channels, I decided to recreate my boring old desk chair into something I'd be excited to sit in! My chair was ok before, but I wanted something that reflected my personality. I searched around the local fabric stores for the perfect fabric. In the end, I found it at Walmart of all places. 

DIY Personalized Name Plate

My classroom needed some of my personality. When I first started teaching, I tossed together some bulletin boards and didn't touch them again for 3 years! Instead, I focused my attention on the curriculum, lesson planning, and assessments. While these are obviously important, it became apparent that I was not taking full advantage of my room. The classroom environment should feel welcoming and safe, not sterile.

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